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Is it Time to Update Your Financial Plan?

For many of my clients, a life event or transition forces them to seek out the advice of a financial planner for the first time. You might have had a loose financial “plan” or set of expectations, but something happens to turn that plan upside down. Some of those events are happy ones: a new […]

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Pay for Convenience or Do it Yourself?

When is it worth it to pay for convenience? Do you ever feel guilty about paying for something you know you could do yourself? How do you know if you can afford it? I think many of my clients struggle with this, and my family does too. What Does it Cost? Here are some of […]

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identity theft

Common Sense Tips for Protecting Your Identity

Unfortunately, I have heard more than a few stories from clients affected by identity theft.  The results can include financial loss, fraudulent bills, damaged credit, and the huge hassle of contacting financial institutions and getting the mess sorted out. Although there are no guarantees, here are a few common sense steps to help minimize your […]

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CBS Sunday

CBS Sunday Morning – Battle for a Living Wage

I was a part of this recent piece with Erin Moriarty on CBS Sunday Morning, “Battle for a Living Wage.”  (You can catch me around the 5:45 mark). The piece is about the movement to raise the minimum wage to a “living wage” of $15/hour.  My contribution was to take a look at the budget […]

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Saving Clients from Financially Needly Loved Ones

When a client planning a move to a Manhattan co-op apartment asked advisor Sara Stanich if she should buy a two-bedroom rather than a one-bedroom — just in case her son needed a place to crash after graduating college — the answer was clear: no. But Stanich took a slow, nuanced route to that answer that spanned […]

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Naked With Cash – Mid Year Update

As I mentioned here, I am participating in a series of posts called, “Naked with Cash” at a popular blog called It’s been really interesting.  Participants in the series update their net worth monthly, and discuss their current financial activity, concerns and success.  I find these kinds of “real” stories to be helpful – […]

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pink pig tuition

Can You Afford Private School?

We all want the best for our kids.  And New York City offers some pretty amazing private schools.  But is private school a good financial decision for your family? What it Costs I took these prices for the 2013-2014 school years from the websites of selected private schools in Brooklyn and Manhattan (try not to […]

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financial planning for new parents

Financial Planning Checklist for New Parents

This article appeared first at local parenting blog A Child Grows in Brooklyn. New parents are busy.  When it comes to financial planning, they just want to make sure they are doing the right things for them and not missing anything important.  Perfect for this situation: a checklist! There are eight items on my financial […]

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Naked with Cash … at

I was recently chosen to participate in a series of posts called, “Naked with Cash” at popular blog Participants will “reveal” their financial details on a monthly basis.  Readers and a team of Certified Financial Planner™ practitioners will comment on their progress and hopefully make helpful suggestions. “Team Sara” will include two of the […]

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How to Save Money on Food (Even if You Are a Terrible Cook)

I’m a terrible cook.  I appreciate good food and I love my garden, but cooking never came naturally to me. Back in my single days, I used to call for takeout when I got off the subway after work, timing it so that the delivery guy and I would arrive at my apartment at the […]

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