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Calculating Taxes Up And Down

Tax Advantages of Retirement Accounts

This is the sixth post in my “Taxes for Your Family” series. I’m always surprised when people don’t take advantage of tax-advantaged retirement accounts. Don’t they realize it’s the best deal Uncle Sam has going? Here are four ways saving in a retirement account is better than regular savings or brokerage account: 1. Save Taxes […]

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Ani Mason

Retirement Assets & Divorce: Podcast Interview

I was recently interviewed for the Divorce Resource Podcast by Ani Mason, local Family Law Attorney and Collaborative Divorce Attorney. Ani had lots of great questions about the sometimes confusing – but extremely important- world of retirement assets, which play a big role in many divorce settlement negotiations. During the podcast, we discussed the following […]

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financial planning for new parents

Financial Planning Checklist for New Parents

This article appeared first at local parenting blog A Child Grows in Brooklyn. New parents are busy.  When it comes to financial planning, they just want to make sure they are doing the right things for them and not missing anything important.  Perfect for this situation: a checklist! There are eight items on my financial […]

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Building Financial Confidence (My Video Debut!)

I was thrilled to recently be a part of “The Karen Walrond Show,” a web TV show with episodes at The topic of our discussion was “building financial confidence”.  Karen made the point – which I often find to be true – that many women handle their family’s day to day finances (like balancing […]

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diamond ring

Divorce & Your Money: Retirement Assets

This is the sixth post in my “Divorce & Your Money” series. Also watch this podcast interview on retirement assets and divorce.  For many, retirement savings in a 401(k) or IRA may be their biggest financial asset.  Here is a summary of retirement account basics and how they may be divided in the event of […]

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company stock

Company Stock in a Retirement Plan? Consider NUA

If you are changing jobs or retiring, and shares in your company stock are part of your retirement plan, you have an additional option to consider when you transfer this asset out of the company plan.  Net Unrealized Appreciation (NUA) is a strategy which may significantly reduce the tax liability on your retirement plan. What […]

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What is a Beneficiary IRA?

If you have inherited an individual retirement account (IRA), you may want to transfer the funds into an inherited IRA, also known as a beneficiary IRA. This type of inheritance typically comes from a parent, spouse or other family member, but could come from anyone. Here are the key issues to consider if you have […]

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help wanted

Can I Afford to Work Part-Time?

Wouldn’t it be great to have an extra day each week to run errands, spend time with your family, or just relax? But can you afford it? As a mom, I have often thought that part-time work would be the perfect compromise: I would have the extra time to spend time with my kid or […]

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medicare planning

Interview: Medicare Expense Planning

Many of my clients (and my own parents) are approaching the age of 65, which means they’ll be eligible for Medicare coverage.  But until they are in it, most are uncertain about what a switch to Medicare will mean for their budget. Pai Gee-Janssens is a Medicare private health insurance plan specialist based in NYC.  […]

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