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CBS Sunday

CBS Sunday Morning – Battle for a Living Wage

I was a part of this recent piece with Erin Moriarty on CBS Sunday Morning, “Battle for a Living Wage.”  (You can catch me around the 5:45 mark). The piece is about the movement to raise the minimum wage to a “living wage” of $15/hour.  My contribution was to take a look at the budget […]

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Five Questions About 529 Plans

Have you been considering opening a 529 college savings plan?  Contributing to our son’s college education is one of my personal goals.  I went to an expensive private university (NYU), and I am still paying down those pesky student loans.  We started a 529 plan with some baby gifts, and have been contributing in small […]

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Brooklyn brownstone

When to Consider Paying Off Your Mortgage

With interest rates likely to increase, you may be in no hurry to pay off your mortgage.  After all, you may not be able to get such a low interest rate again. But let’s assume you are making good progress on your other financial goals.  You’ve been saving for retirement, emergencies, and other goals; and […]

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financial planning for new parents

Financial Planning Checklist for New Parents

This article appeared first at local parenting blog A Child Grows in Brooklyn. New parents are busy.  When it comes to financial planning, they just want to make sure they are doing the right things for them and not missing anything important.  Perfect for this situation: a checklist! There are eight items on my financial […]

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Is a High Deductible Health Plan Right for You?

It’s open enrollment season!  Benefits enrollment periods typically run from late October to Mid-November for employees at many companies.  Your company may have many benefits to choose from, but the one I get the most questions about is High Deductible Health Plans, or HDHPs. What is a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP)? A high deductible […]

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Set a Fun Financial Goal

Financial planning can be kind of a drag.  Save for retirement.  Buy more insurance.  Save for college.  Pay off debt. Planning for death or disability is not exactly uplifting.  Wouldn’t it be nice if financial goals were a little more fun? Staying motivated is important so you don’t lose momentum in reaching your financial goals.  […]

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Building Financial Confidence (My Video Debut!)

I was thrilled to recently be a part of “The Karen Walrond Show,” a web TV show with episodes at The topic of our discussion was “building financial confidence”.  Karen made the point – which I often find to be true – that many women handle their family’s day to day finances (like balancing […]

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start early

Your Financial Garden in 5 Easy Steps

My core clientele are busy professionals and entrepreneurs. They are ready to get serious about building their financial future, but don’t know where to start, and don’t have time to figure it out. Maybe I’ve been spending too much time in mine, but I think it’s a lot like tending a garden, and there are […]

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save for school,

Smart Saving for School

If you have kids, you know that education is going to cost serious money.  In fact: Daycare & Preschool can cost $1500-2500 per month. Private Primary and Secondary school in New York City can cost almost $40,000 per year. College expenses have increased at roughly twice the rate of inflation for decades, and now range […]

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