August Garden Report

Just as I did for June and July, it’s time for another garden update.  Here’s what was happening in August:

Holy tomatoes!

We planted FIFTY tomato plants this year, on somewhat of a whim.  (Last year we had maybe five.) We did a few cherry tomatoes and big heirloom slicing tomatoes, but maybe 40 of the 50 plants are heirloom Romas.

I chose them because I heard they are good for sauce and canning.  What I did not know is that they are very productive – much more so than other varieties.  Every plant has 10 tomatoes on it at all times!

Remember the old reruns of Gilligan’s Island?  Coconuts were the only thing growing on the island, so they would always be eating coconut soup, coconut cake, coconut pie, etc.  I was reminded of the show this month, as I prepared tomato sauce, Caprese salad, tomato & watermelon salad, gazpacho, tomato juice, etc.  I even gave away a few big bags of them.  Greetings from tomato island!

After a record-hot July, August was moderate and unusually rainy.  Here’s how the rest of the garden fared:

  • Carrots still keep coming.  We take a few every week.
  • Zucchini is fading fast and probably done for the year.
  • Cucumbers never really got going.  Maybe we’ll try again in a different spot next year.
  • Green Beans.  I thought they were dead, but they actually came back again.  The plants look healthy, but don’t seem to be producing many beans.  Maybe in September?
  • Herbs.  Our basil, sage, parsley and rosemary love the heat, but the cilantro and dill are completely dead.

Better get back to my tomatoes.  As my grandmother used to say, We’ll eat what we can, and what we can’t, we’ll can.

vegetable garden tomato jars


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