Why Cultivating Wealth?

Sara Stanich, Certified Financial Planner, New York - cultivating wealth

Welcome to the Cultivating Wealth Blog.  I’m Sara Stanich, a New York City based Certified Financial Planner professional (CFP®) and independent financial adviser.

I wanted to start the blog because a big part of my job is answering questions about my clients’ personal finances, and I see the blog as a way to answer those questions for a broader audience more efficiently than meeting with people one on one.

But it’s not all about efficiency.  I’ve always enjoyed writing and found that writing about something helps me know it inside and out, and better articulate it in person.  Writing about my job makes me better at it.

There are a few reasons behind the name “Cultivating Wealth”.  First of all, most of my clients and I are definitely in the “wealth building” phase of our lives.  I find that there is plenty of material about retirement planning targeted to Baby Boomers, but retirement may be 30 years away for us.  Families like mine – high income (compared to the rest of the country, at least), but living in an expensive area and raising kids – have different questions, and I understand them pretty deeply.

Cultivating has another meaning for me as well.  I love gardening, and we have a pretty successful vegetable garden for “city folk”.  I find the whole process incredibly satisfying; planning the garden, planting the seeds, seeing them develop, and watching the results.

Thank you for joining me!

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About Sara Stanich

Sara Stanich, CFP®, CDFA™, works with people who are building their lives – growing a business, raising a family, moving toward personal achievements – to help them build solid financial plans for the future. Have a financial question? CLICK HERE TO ASK SARA!

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