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Divorce & Your Money: Alimony, Maintenance, or Spousal Support

This is the ninth post in my “Divorce & Your Money” series. Spousal support, alimony and maintenance usually mean the same thing, and may be used interchangeably by your attorney or advisers. Here are the questions I hear most on the topic from divorcing couples: Why Does Alimony Exist? Traditionally, and even today in many […]

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Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  I love turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie.  It’s always felt like less “pressure” than Christmas as well.  No presents to buy or house to decorate; just help make the dinner and relax. Recent events have put things in perspective for many of us, and I know […]

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Interview: Co-op or Condo?

Condominiums are everywhere, but apartment “co-operatives” are mainly an NYC thing.  These two forms of ownership appear similar, but there are important differences between them that can affect the price of the unit, the process of buying and selling, and even your monthly mortgage and maintenance costs. I recently asked Kurt Roth, a real estate […]

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How to Save Money on Food (Even if You Are a Terrible Cook)

I’m a terrible cook.  I appreciate good food and I love my garden, but cooking never came naturally to me. Back in my single days, I used to call for takeout when I got off the subway after work, timing it so that the delivery guy and I would arrive at my apartment at the […]

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October Garden Report – Sandy Edition

First of all, I hope everyone reading this is safe and not too terribly affected by Hurricane Sandy.  Millions of people (and virtually every person I know) were affected by this storm, and it looks like the return to normalcy will be a long one. Toward the end of each month, I start drafting an […]

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Is a High Deductible Health Plan Right for You?

It’s open enrollment season!  Benefits enrollment periods typically run from late October to Mid-November for employees at many companies.  Your company may have many benefits to choose from, but the one I get the most questions about is High Deductible Health Plans, or HDHPs. What is a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP)? A high deductible […]

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Divorce & Your Money: How is Child Support Calculated?

This is the eighth post in my “Divorce & Your Money” series. Child support is an important issue for any divorcing couple with children.  Parents need to know what to expect so they may plan for the future.   Here are the basic questions I hear from couples (in my state, New York) surrounding this issue:  […]

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Set a Fun Financial Goal

Financial planning can be kind of a drag.  Save for retirement.  Buy more insurance.  Save for college.  Pay off debt. Planning for death or disability is not exactly uplifting.  Wouldn’t it be nice if financial goals were a little more fun? Staying motivated is important so you don’t lose momentum in reaching your financial goals.  […]

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Divorce & Your Money: Real Estate

This is the eighth post in my “Divorce & Your Money” series.  “Who gets the house?” is the biggest question for many divorces.  Your answer comes down to three options:  Sell it now.  The couple could agree to put the house or apartment on the market, sell it, and split the proceeds 50/50 or otherwise.  […]

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Building Financial Confidence (My Video Debut!)

I was thrilled to recently be a part of “The Karen Walrond Show,” a web TV show with episodes at CafeMom.com. The topic of our discussion was “building financial confidence”.  Karen made the point – which I often find to be true – that many women handle their family’s day to day finances (like balancing […]

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