End of Summer Garden Post

School has started and summer is pretty much over. And I haven’t written anything about the garden since April! Basically, we didn’t spend nearly as much time out there this year, and it showed. Luckily for us, we had done some prep in early Spring, and were able to coast a bit. We had a […]

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Pay for Convenience or Do it Yourself?

When is it worth it to pay for convenience? Do you ever feel guilty about paying for something you know you could do yourself? How do you know if you can afford it? I think many of my clients struggle with this, and my family does too. What Does it Cost? Here are some of […]

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Guess the secret's out

Happy News

Well, it’s been pretty quiet around this blog lately.  I guess I’ve been busy “cultivating” something else … life! That’s right, we’re expecting in the Fall.  And actually, that’s not all … we’re expecting twins! While of course we are over the moon with excitement, it’s also a great time for financial planning.  So more […]

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April Garden Report: Spring Came Late this Year

Unfortunately, the garden is not looking very promising so far this year.  After a long winter with record cold temperatures, we got off to a late start, and I think we may have missed the window for the early-spring vegetables. Here’s what is working this month: Spinach and Lettuce – 2 bags so far, so […]

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estate tax cut

Changes to New York Estate Tax Laws (Good News!)

Until recently, New York residents who died with estates exceeding $1,000,000 in value were subject to the State estate tax.  (Note: This is separate from the Federal estate tax exclusion, which is $5.34M for 2014.) That all changed on March 31, 2014, when the NY State legislature passed a new budget. The new estate tax […]

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The Benefits of Owning Renter’s Insurance

The Benefits of Owning Renter’s Insurance

Guest Post by Jennifer Riner of Zillow Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and fires seem to be occurring more frequently these days. The news regularly reports on residents who’ve lost all of their belongings in natural disasters, encouraging neighbors and friends to contribute basic materials for families to survive. These catastrophes are beyond human control and […]

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identity theft

Common Sense Tips for Protecting Your Identity

Unfortunately, I have heard more than a few stories from clients affected by identity theft.  The results can include financial loss, fraudulent bills, damaged credit, and the huge hassle of contacting financial institutions and getting the mess sorted out. Although there are no guarantees, here are a few common sense steps to help minimize your […]

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flowers march 2014

March Garden Report

Spring has finally emerged from our crazy-cold winter! Time for a garden report! At least 56 inches of snow and temperatures below zero were tough on me but also on the garden. Certain things that over wintered in previous years, like rosemary, are totally dead, and the grapevines we’ve been nurturing for three years are […]

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questions about charter school

Questions about Charter Schools

As I have written about here, and here, I support school choice for kids and have had a good experience (so far) with them personally. I work with a lot of parents of young kids, so I get a lot of questions about charter schools: 1.  Does it cost anything? No. Charter schools are public […]

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why we chose a charter school

Why We Chose a Charter School

My son goes to a charter school, and I love it. Here are just a few of the things I love about his school: Tons of communication (both good & bad) from his teachers Emphasis on science, art and math Environment of well-behaved kids Early start to the day lets me get to work Culture […]

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